The Challenge

Hi my name is Danielle and I am undertaking a 200km Husky Dog Challenge 145km north of the Arctic Circle from 21st – 27th February 2015. I am doing this in honour of my amazing sister Abby, who had Down’s Syndrome, and her two friends Natalia and Mandy who sadly were taken from us all far too soon.

Abby, Natalia and Mandy were incredible so only an awesome challenge will do.

For the challenge I will be spending one week well inside the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, where I am likely to be exposed to temperatures of -30/-40° whilst mushing a team of husky dogs for around 8 hours per day. I will spend the nights in a very basic wilderness hut (no water, no electricity), and one night in a traditional Sami teepee. I have to learn to work the dogs whilst keeping hold of the sled and my balance, I’m likely to be face down in the snow for the first part of the challenge that’s for sure! I have to run with the sled through deep snow, uphill, or through the forest to help the dogs get us through the hard stuff. If the dogs or the sled come loose it’s up to me to catch them.

Abby would’ve been 42 on the 23rd of February so I’ve got the added challenge of also keeping my emotions in check.

So it won’t be easy and it’s certainly a challenge!

I consider this an adventure of a lifetime so I have funded this trip fully myself and so all the money raised will be going directly to Orwell Mencap Genesis.

All content © Danielle Ramsey and Arctic 4 Abby, 2015, except where stated.

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