My big sister Abby

L to R - Beki, Jess, Pip, Me, Abby

L to R – Beki, Jess, Pip, Me, Abby

I have four sisters, Beki, Abby, Jess and Pip, we are very lucky to all be really close and they are all the best, I often refer to our family as the Ramsey Mafia.

So what to say about Abby…. It’s hard to know where to start really but I’m going to try to give you a snapshot of the things she loved to do. So Abby loved music, I remember often trying to do a typical teenage long lie in and having her walk into my room to say, ‘are you awake yet?’ this was so that she could play her music LOUD; Kylie, Jason, Spice Girls and Robson and Jerome were the regulars. She also had a tape recorder and would record many things, herself, the TV, us and not forgetting when we would often be stood outside the bathroom thinking Ab was just on the loo, but then after a while realising she was just recording the noises of the toilet and the tap!


I’d made a promise to myself that when I was older (I was 19 when Abby died) I would take Abby to the Friends set in America. Abby absolutely loved Friends, we would often be renamed as the characters from friends, and the ‘I’ve got elbows’ sketch was a particular favourite, re-enacted over and over and over and over. She recorded practically every episode in addition to already having the box set. I’d go into her room to kiss her goodnight and I’d always be asked the same question, ‘when are mum and dad coming up?’ and the only answer I was allowed to give was ‘much later’ so she could still watch her favourite TV shows.

Ever the joker, even when she was in hospital

Ever the joker, even when she was in hospital

If anyone of us was ill, sad or upset Ab would want to make us feel better. She would soon surprise us with a card or flowers, or just give us a ‘smelly hug’, this wasn’t in fact smelly, it was just a really, really good squeezy hug. Abby had her fair share of health problems, she had a hole in her heart and had numerous operations for this, she required a cornea transplant which we all were so grateful for. Even when in hospital she would always have a bright outlook and charm everyone around her. She didn’t complain she just got on with it.

The Joker

Abby loved to party, dance and put on a show, my big sis was a born entertainer. Those of you who know us Ramsey’s know we like to party, and there were a number of occasions when Abby refused to leave the dance floor at the end of the night. She could also be pretty flirtatious and definitely had an eye for the guys, and anyone with a bald spot was bound to have his head polished. There was even the odd marriage proposal.

Abby's sayings

She loved kids, and I know she would’ve been a great Aunty for my niece Lydia and my nephew Alfie.


So this is teeny tiny insight and I could go on and on about my big sister Abby all day long, she was absolutely fabulous (another TV favourite). I’m just sorry for anyone who didn’t get the chance to meet her.

All photos and content © Danielle Ramsey and Arctic 4 Abby, 2015.

4 thoughts on “My big sister Abby

  1. Thank you for telling us about your wonderful big sister…Just reading this, I can see how close you all were and why this challenge is so important. Have you thought about asking someone like Bear Grylls to retweet details of your challenge?


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